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Toad Went a Courtin’

Typically, the toads sing and lay eggs after the first rain of May.

They got started a little early this year and did their serenading with the last rain of April. Love the churring sound of their song… and the variety of pitch from one toad to another -all different just a little bit- one can notice.

Here's how it goes:

  • When the temperature and humidity are just right, the boy starts singing… Serenading to the wind for any girls to hear.
  • The girls show up and love is in the air.
  • The Boys and Girls Club pair up, she squeezes out a pair of teeny black pearl strands (eggs) and he fertilizes them.
  • A few days later there are tadpoles.
  • Then a couple of months later there little toadlets hopping around all over the place.

We've not had toad tadpoles in our ponds for the last 2-3 seasons… Soooooo happy to have them again. I saw four mated pair and one male still calling (in the video).


Haven't heard but one croak for the bullfrog… So don't know if he's found a honey or not.