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Baby Screech Owls

Stepped outside last night to hang some dog blankets on the line - like to hang them overnight and for a day or two so the sun and fresh air can get to them... and if they get rained on, all the better... it's a getting the stinky doggy odor out and the mmm fresh smells in thing.

Outside at night is always a little scary because of the sounds: something in a tree, cats fighting, raccoons making funny sounds, dog alert barking down the block, strange growls and squeaks, squeals and croaks and chirs... AND gunshots, squealing tires, breaking glass, bangs, screams, people talking and arguing as they walk by on the sidewalk, sirens... and some sounds that I have absolutely noooo idea what they are.  That's just my neighborhood.

Screech owls make a number of really cool sounds. You can hear some of them here

Fledgling screech owls have another sound that they make... and I've not been able to find anything online about it. Heard it for the first time last year. Was real spooky.  Sounds like electrical shorts up in the trees. My first thought was that we had strung an electrical wire up in the tree, forgotten about and it was now shorting out.

Then it MOVED!!! Shot right by me, close to my face.  Then I heard another, over there... then several electrical shorts were coming from another tree all at one time. FREAKY!!!

My eyes were adjusting to the dark and I began to briefly see their silhouettes against the night sky as they flew by me from tree to tree on silent wings. (Screeches are pretty fearless little things). A flashlight confirmed it.

Last night, electrical shorts were back in the trees.

They’re Baaaaack!

The pair of wood ducks is back again!!!

They showed up out of the blue 5-7 years ago... sitting in the trees doing their little whistling squeaky noise (to hear the sound, click on this Male wood duck talk scroll down to 'Sounds and Songs' in the right sidebar and click on 'male squeals #1... that's the noise  our bird, male, was making). And have come back every year since. One year they even nested in the big ear tree straight out the back door. We fretted terribly about them... where the babies would go after they hatched... in our goldfish ponds? Protecting them from the dogs.

But the worry was for naught because the nest was raided by raccoons sooooo.....

They were on a limb over the sprinkler... other birds will do that and get in the sprinkler... wonder if the wood ducks were considering that.