They’re Baaaaack!

The pair of wood ducks is back again!!!

They showed up out of the blue 5-7 years ago... sitting in the trees doing their little whistling squeaky noise (to hear the sound, click on this Male wood duck talk scroll down to 'Sounds and Songs' in the right sidebar and click on 'male squeals #1... that's the noise  our bird, male, was making). And have come back every year since. One year they even nested in the big ear tree straight out the back door. We fretted terribly about them... where the babies would go after they hatched... in our goldfish ponds? Protecting them from the dogs.

But the worry was for naught because the nest was raided by raccoons sooooo.....

They were on a limb over the sprinkler... other birds will do that and get in the sprinkler... wonder if the wood ducks were considering that.

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